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 An incisive critique of my play Tara.
Mahesh Dattani (on Rukhaya’s review of Tara)

Will become extremely famous as a critic. Has a razor sharp mind for analysis.
Dr.A.V.Koshy, Jazan University

I am not much into Indian Writing in English, but your review made me want to read that play.
Harish Trivedi

There are also a whole generation of poets from Kerala who write in English like Ravishanker, Rukhaya M K, Ampat Koshy, Chandramohan, Hema Hemambika and others. –K. Satchidanandan

Rukhaya most definitely is one of the most talented writers around. Her originality stands out in her works, whether it be a wonderful poem or a review of a book. She deserves all accolades and support there is in the literary world! I wish she achieves the highest award there is for what she is!
Jagdish Keshav (PT Editor/Writer for Pravda-International Edition, Education World Magazine and Author of The President Vanishes)

Rukhaya MK is one of those very few writers who are versatile; adept both at prose and poetry, literary criticism and creative writing. Her poems reveal the coexisting qualities of grace and conviction in her choice of themes and their expression, qualities that mark her as a strong feminist writer in contemporary Indian English poetry. Her critical writings are in-depth studies of literary figures and texts, revealing a deep knowledge base and a sharp critical acumen.
Madhumita Ghosh, Jadavpur University (Poet and Critic)

A Significant voice in English Literature- nothing escapes this brilliant writer whose works( be it poetry, short story or literary criticism) glint with their edginess and mastery of language, fine-honed to perfection.

 Reena Prasad (Poet)

I have read a number of Rukhaya’s critical appraisals and analyses of poetry–particularly that of the British romantics–and find her comments to be keen, perceptive and well expressed.
Michael Kerry Wood (Writer, ghost writer, editor, and author of Past Imperfect, Present Progressive).

She is aware of and sensitive towards socio cultural and politico historical concerns and discusses them in her poems with greater felicity and beautiful verbal musings. Rukhaya’s poetry is not only a great delight but a thought experience too.

Yahiya Ibrahim(Kolhan University, Chief Editor, Insignia)

I wish I could write poems as beautifully as you do.
Mohsin Maqbool Elahi (Journalist, DAWN)

Rukhaya’s pen is flawless and has an insight of an expert in editing and creative writing. Her poetry is sensitive and beautiful to read. A thorough professional.
Sangeeta Talwar Suneja (Poet)

Your poetry has a freshness, a contemporaneity, a stylish modernity which appeals to me immensely. I do admire your wielding of language as well. Your poetry is highly distinctive.
Bharat Ravi Kumar (Writer)

Arguing with her is an intellectual pleasure.
Prof. Narendranath


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  1. Muneer Chenakkal

    January 11, 2016 at 3:01 pm

    I just glance through the precious review. Mam, Really I appreciate you for your great works

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